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15 Jan 2018

Beloved friends our absence from Today’s page has caused concern but never fear we are ready for 2018. Later this month we will welcome Traditional Anglican bishops from London as we prepare for merger with our brothers across the pond.

The ACW welcome you to 2018 from the PA Office in the mystery of our faith.  Thank you for your patience.


As 2017 passed, we are forever grateful to benefactors who supported us and continue to do so in 2018.

They are:
Shop “N” Save-Supermarkets (SNS)
The Connor Family,
The Headley Family
New in 2018 American-Express (through-ACW-Family-membership) will be a benefactor.


It is our plan to make 2018 a very active year of visitations…
14 American Cities
1 African
3 Caribbean
Trips in the ACW process of outreach (more-later).


The challenges of 2018 will be many. The ACW must find the open door and enter. Bishops & clergy have been encouraged to take a more active role and we will not rest or take anything for granted. God gave the ability to plan and build for the future. 

We look forward to the consecration of 2 new Bishops February 24, 2018 and the visit of Illinois’ Lt. Governor for that occasion.


Thank you all for being a part of 2017, now let us go forward in faith in 2018 as we build to the Glory of God.


Assistant to the Patriarch, Archbishop McGuire, will take more of a leading role in 2018 as this office will be in much travel (please read his weekly column on our website).


I will speak to you more in 2018 rather than email, much more can be said and done this way, the spirit of fellowship is our goal.


We have hired a new part time secretary (3 days weekly) to assist us, salary paid by SNS. May 2018 be a blessing for you and your family and all you do within the ACW.


Ever faithful,
Hartley, Presiding Archbishop, ACW 



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