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30 Jan 2018

Visitation 2018 and Beyond …Under the Protection of the Cross


Thank you for the  enquires of my absence from the web page on our website, but focusing on 2018 has taken much of my time in getting ready for a great mission this year where we intend to make it a year of visitation.

Apart from the Bishops' consecration in February, we are busy working on details for a March Trip to the Caribbean and God willing to Africa in April.


Our agenda must be to the motto and vision of “Reaching out to the World and Beyond”, we will not succeed if we sit in our office in comfort OR internet postings without facts.  We must get to know the world; we must in these trying times work to build the Kingdom of God.


We have charged Archbishop McGuire, on behalf of the Patriarch, to write a column and he does so beautifully.  His weekly writings can be described as uplifting and motivational. A deep thinker, the Archbishop is always on point with his spiritual thoughts.  Take a peek at his column, third on our web page and I'm sure you will agree.


Thus in 2018, as we focus on the ACW's growth, we request your  prayers and financial support to bridge our success. 


Patriarch Vincent Waterman celebrated his 92nd birthday January 19; may we all pray that God grant more years with an equal quality of life.


May the blessing of almighty God be and remain with you.


Ever faithful,

Hartley, Presiding Archbishop ACW


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
                                                                                       Under the Protection of the Cross                                                                                                                          

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