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4 Feb 2018

Be Blest, Be Grateful & Give Thanks
The  P A Office of the ACW is pleased to announce  through our invitation Bishop Peter Joh of South Sudan has been granted a Visa to travel and be with  us for the upcoming Bishop’s Convocation Feb 24-26, 2018. He will be the guest of the Archdiocese.
The ACW also is pleased to  announce the Archbishop’s Hartley Vocational & Food Pantry (AHVFP) which opens March 16, 2018 within the Jurisdiction of Good Shepherd ACW in Belleville, Illinois. We have already begun to receive donations from across the country and Canada. Our benefactors  have been gracious to us over the years, yet we have not fully maximized  these blessings, now under their guidance in 2018 we will invest a new infrastructure approach that we shall not only reach out to our Local Community but where all ACW doors are opened. All  gifts and donations will flow and be directed  through the AHVFP. A salaried Director will be appointed  & announced Sunday Feb. 11, 2018.
Our consecration date has been reset  for Sunday, February 25, 10:00 AM. There will be some changes to the agenda as we reactivate canonical  orders and remove inactive ones.  
All 2018 ACW scholarships will be directed to ACW members around the world, further  information on this will be posted later….. 
We thank our gracious benefactors for their contribution to us over the years. Now we welcome 2  new benefactors;  State-Farm-Insurance &  American-Express.    More later………..            Have a blest week.
In His Service,

Fr George Grimes
Bridgetown Barbados 
Acting General Secretary

(This notice is coined through the Presiding Archbishop Office) 



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