21 Feb 2018

In every avenue of life there is “CHANGE.” For life to continue it's necessary.  
“CHANGE” does not only come from bad things, but things that are good. 
We must never lose-sight of the mission that we have begun. Corporations “CHANGE,” sports teams “CHANGE,” artist “CHANGE” their-tune. As you look-around, “CHANGE” is necessary. It happens daily.
“A WISE MAN ONCE SAID NOTHING,” but look DEEP into his line and you will see where “CHANGE” comes 
In 1776, the 13 Colonies of America thought “CHANGE” was necessary. They did change, and today we have the United States of America.
There is also ugliness in “CHANGE.” Some call it Political Correctness. So must the ACW prepare for “CHANGE.” Over the years, we have launched groups. By their own accord, some left with dignity and honor, others did not, and tried their worst, but we do not fault them. For the ACW, their “CHANGE” was necessary. We remember them with fondness, not anger, and we wish them well. 
We must accept “CHANGE.” For this Bishop, “CHANGE” will NEVER come from the charge given 44 years ago (January 4, 1974) as Priest, and 21 years ago (February 22, 1997) as Bishop. “CHANGE” in this Holy Charge will come only when the necessary end comes. 
But there is one “CHANGE” that will NEVER come. We put our hope in this as shown in the Word of God:  “Heaven and earth will pass away but My Word shall remain.” This abiding Word gives us strength to NEVER fear “CHANGE.” 
Hartley PA-ACW 


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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