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2 Mar 2018

ACW Convocation: “Walking Up the King's Highway”--Searching for the Lost.
Beloved in Christ, our Convocation has been completed with success.. In the 3 services our attendance was over 200 with community participation. A powerful sermon was delivered by His Grace, Bishop Charles Connor who reminded us to keep the lights burning not only in the building but in our hearts.
Significant changes were made in ACW policy and administration. We will not place them on the internet as its instant outreach lacks understanding, so we have mailed a booklet report to active members. 
Four public decisions:
     1. We will no longer work in Africa.
     2. We shall use our resources to assist beyond the church walls.
     3. New bishop, His Grace, Bermaine Jackson, has been appointed Dean of the Cathedral of Good Shepherd. His Eminence, Hartley will take a leave of absence.
     4. Synod 2018 will be June 21-24, 2018.
With all the school shootings in the USA, slavery and malnutrition in Africa, poverty in Eastern Europe, where rich countries are next door to poor ones and strife all around, the ACW must reach out to help those in need. We will reach out to those who live in misery.

The  homeless, the hungry, children’s hospitals. We shall seek out benefactors to assist them and put a 2014 gift to the ACW at their disposal. This is the goal for 2018. We are in a spiritual revival, “Walking Up the King''s Highway.” There, we will be led by the Holy Spirit as we search for the lost spanning the globe.
Adding new parishes, members, and unidentified names is not the path we set in 1998, but reaching out, this we will do vigorously in 2018 . The  ACW will find this path and share our support and find benefactors to help them.

“Walking Up the King's Highway.” We shall find that high road if we are true to our mission. If we “Walk Up the King's Highway,” we shall find that path to heaven where there is joy and peace. There too, we shall find that which we set forth in 1998. “Reaching out to the World and Beyond” will be achieved.  

May the blessings of God be with you all.

Subscribed: Presiding Bishop & Provost Office  


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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