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6 Mar 2018

March 6. 2018
The ACW looks at the world
The ACW is now in its 21st year and most where we  reached-out are not rich but not in daily-distress, but each-day as we turn to TV we see misery aroud-the-world yet most of the horrors geos un-reported   mainly because they do not garner  TV-ratings. Daily We pray but in this laden-phrase world  like “We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers” nothing is being done, ACTION IS NEEDED.
In AFRICA 53 countries there is un-reported horror & misery in  daily life where the world seems not to care and  most are terrified of waking-up in the morning , that is if they-get-any-sleep at all. Burkina-Faso hundreds die daily from political-civil-war, so too in   Central-African-Republic where cannibalism is still Comon-place..  Democratic- Republic-Of- Congo  & South-Sudan is runing their citizens  into refugee-camps.  Egypt is fighting Islamic-extremist,  Ethiopia in the midst of starvation cannot find a stable-government and water-is-scarce. Kenya & Uganda are over-run by refuges. Libya has no central-government which means people suffer. Niger &Mali legal-lawlessness is common-place. Nigeria has to deal with young-girls  kidnap and turn into sexual-slaves  by the murderous-boko-Haram.. Somalia is a basket of Islamic-death, even South-Africa the continent most prosperous country finds unemployment at a whopping 60%. 
In ASIA 44 countries Afghanistan is a war-torn-conflicted place of daily-death where war seems   no- end. Bangladesh with its own poverty and malnutrition now have to deal with people running from the ethnic-cleansing from the fleeing people of neighboring-Myanmar  Iraq Is like  Afghanistan. North-Korea threatens nuclear-war,  Pakistan is wrecked with regional-violence. Vanuatu infrastructure was destroyed by storms and  Syria unleashes bombs & gas (with Russia assistance)  on their citizens killing  700 (mostly-innocent-children) a week  leveling reported- misery, so too is life in Yemen
EUROPE 47 countries are mostly doing well  but some next-door  are in  misery and not reported by the western-controlled-press. Countries like   Albania, Bulgaria,  Estonia. (especially-Estonia),  Hungary, Romania, Ukraine are living daily nightmares for a loaf-of-bread
North AMERICA  23 countries which those that are doing well ignore-the-rest. In  
Barbuda hurricane Irma ran everyone off the island with no-place-to-live, Cuba one dictator died and left another, Dominica was ravish by storms,  and now high-unemployment.  El Salvador &  Guatemala, Nicaragua poverty runs amuck, Haiti continues to be a-land-of-daily-misery. Honduras criminal- gangs-runs the-place, all within  a short-reach of the USA & Canada. 
South AMERICA 12 countries have relative calm except  Venezuela whose  president refuses  to go quietly. In Guyana  teenage suicide cannot be explained  and  America-Puerto-Rico suffers  from hurricanes Marie & Irma with paper towels being thrown at them.
Political-statements are not needed but action. 
The ACW now reminds you. Look around and U will see.  


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