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6 Mar 2018

The ACW looks at the world. Part 2
Sitting with a glass of Manischewitz-wine (only-11%)   I think of Clint-Eastwood spaghetti-western The Good, Bad & The-Ugly it describes-the-world  where there is representation to it all.  Our last column  we shared  horros around  of  some countries but there is much more good-in-the-world than- bad if those who have will only learn to share and the media reports it. 
Some countries in the world is beyond-help but we can share the point-of--education teaching them to govern-themselves.  Idle-talk of  thoughts-and-prayers are not enough  
From AFRICA 53 countries only a few can be said as doing well. Botswana s on its way, while  Cape-Verde, Comoros, Djibouti 
Gambia, Ghana, Madagascar, Mauritania 
Mauritius,  Sao-Tome-Principe Seychelles-Swaziland, Tunisia are doing moderately well but still has a long way to go 
In ASIA 44 it is hard to tell  who has what or not but a few stands out mostly Gulf-States but like Europe  they-do-not-share as proverty  stangles some of their next-door countries 
Australia, Japan, China,  Saudi-Arabia & South-Korea, Bahrain,  Brunei  leads the way but giving more a pipeline to foreign-investments  than their own backyard, the  others mentioned e take care of their citizens. Israel Kuwait, Oman Qatar Nauru New-Zealand &United-Arab-Emirates

EUROPE 47 countries is mostly blest but like Asia right next-door countless-calamity. Most have  built a good  infrastructure and economiesAustria, Belgium Denmark,  Finland 
France, Germany Iceland, Ireland Italy,  Liechtenstein (yes)  Luxembourg (yes) 
Malta, Monaco (oh yes), Netherlands 
Norway, San-Marino, Spain,  Sweden 
Switzerland & United-Kingdom we compliment them but wish they would share
North AMERICA 23 (visited-all) most in the Caribbean basin do their best. They are free of terrorism and political-strife Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Canada, Costa-Rica, St. Kitts, Trinidad United-States who see‘s to their protection as its in their-backyard, but they too must look beyond and share

South AMERICA 12 is politicaly troubled but most meet the needs of it people, while those not mentioned try to do their best,   Argentina stands out. 
62 countries depends on their mother country who controls all that is within, their  economy, defense and guidance. America’s-13,Australia-6, United-kingdom-18, China-6, Denmark 2+4  (Norwegian),  France-10 Netherlands-2New-Zealand-3 Most of these tourism is the bulwark of their economies some big, some small but all beautiful-Islands, thus, beyond the obvious take care of themselves,  their-homeland shares
We close with The words of the Desiderata 
God gave us a beautiful world let us not destroy it and lean-to share with each other 


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
                                                                                       Under the Protection of the Cross                                                                                                                          

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