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11 Mar 2018


To all the Faithful Friends & Members of the ACW and….beyond


Greetings This Lenten Season:

The Office of the Presiding Bishop will be closed March 12-28 as we are in travels.


As you make re-evaluations this season and prepare for the recognition of the resurrection our Lord, we invite you to spend more time daily in prayer renewing your relationship with God. In this cause keep close to your family, church and friends; for therein lies the structure of life’s journey.


Remember to visit the sick!  Look-in on the elderly! and wherever possible assist those in need that are  less fortunate (especially those on the side of the road with a sign) thus, giving to God not only his due but yours as well.


This Easter we celebrate the Feast of our Patron Saint, beloved Mentor, Archbishop Wilfred Portier in his 7th year of rest.


Should there be need to reach this Office ,our Provost, who resides in the Caribbean Island of Grenada, Bishop-Elect James Burke can be reached at


We leave you (but not for long) the words of "Synesius of Cyrene written in 375.BC…“Lord Jesus Think on Me”.  Listen, read, sing them; let the words inspire you as they have done over centuries to millions around the world.


The Hymn …“Lord Jesus Think on Me”

Lord Jesus, think on me
And purge away my sin;
From earthborn passions set me free
And make me pure within.
Lord Jesus, think on me,
With many a care oppressed;
Let me Thy loving servant be
And taste Thy promised rest.
Lord Jesus, think on me
Amid the battle's strife;
In all my pain and misery
Be Thou my Health and Life.

Lord Jesus, think on me
Nor let me go astray;
Through darkness and perplexity
Point Thou the heavenly way.
Lord Jesus, think on me
When floods the tempest high;
When on doth rush the enemy,
O Savior, be Thou nigh!
Lord Jesus, think on me
That, when the flood is past,
I may th'eternal brightness see
And share Thy joy at last.
Lord Jesus, think on me
That I may sing above
To Father, Spirit, and to Thee
The strains of praise and love.


We wish you all a blessed continued Lenten Season on Easter tide.


Ever faithful,

Hartley, Presiding Bishop ACW

Reaching out to the world and…..beyond




Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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