25 Apr 2018

The Vision Continues      

Beloved in Christ…

We thank the many for their concern about the health of the ACW. We are doing fine; however, in preparation for the necessary changes that will come; we’re still hard at work in evangelism.
Our LOYAL webmaster whose work has been invaluable to us over the years is still in place (and will not change), but her health takes priority at this time; postings will come when they come; postings that continue to reflect our VISION. 
*The ACW will merge with a franchise, Little Caesar Pizza, to maintain our funding process.

*We shall use our donated RV, in MAY, for evangelism travel.


* Our 2014 bequeathment will be used to support causes we deem worthy around the world where actual work is being done.

*During the months of May—September, the ACW will embark on a reading program by giving new-books (donated by a benefactor) to encourage reading again (all-ages).


*The roof at the Cathedral of Good Shepherd will be replaced along with several other construction needs. An outside Junior Warden has been hired to manage the task.


*A new Chancellor will be appointed effective May 1, 2018. Please review our administration page May 1, 2018.


*We have asked an ACW member, Mrs. Ella Vannoy, to assume the Office of General Secretary effective

May 1, 2018.


*To assist our work in the Caribbean, our faithful members who never miss their assessment, will be earmarked May-September full financial to support their clergy and parishes.


*3 important dates to watch in the ACW:                                                              

- June 18, 2018
- August 16, 2018
- November 4, 2018


*Finally we’re in talks with 2 other Anglican groups on working together.  No announcement will be made until full dialogue is completed.


Pray With Us & Enjoy Summer-2018  


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
                                                                                       Under the Protection of the Cross                                                                                                                          

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