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24 Apr 2018

“Don’t Forget the Elderly”
(Rewritten form 2017) 
In this changing world the ACW never forgets the elderly as we watch many of them side-lined by family and friends,  sometimes even their church.
We continue to see tragic scenes regarding the elderly. They  are somewhat-forgotten people; the inconvenient, that takes  too much of our time. The easiest thing to do is to stick them into nursing homes (NH) or as some call it Assisted-Living-Facility (ALF).  It does not matter that they cared, fed,  educated, giving us 95% of their-time as we grew up.
See the case of  Dr. T. in Caseyville, Illinois. An educator all her life with 5 sons whom she raised and educated but in her final years they stuck her in a smelly NH. As one son told me, boys cannot take care of a lady.  Personally I implored, SHE DID NOT DESERVE SUCH.
Another veteran, at 93, each day he sits looking through his NH window for one of his 8 children or 37 grandchildren to show up, but only one loyal one comes.
The elderly are being treated shamelessly by  family. Those families that allow them to stay home use their social-security funds to support  themselves, sticking their elderly in a corner out of sight, giving them very little personal attention.
In the Caribbean where we find it abusive and appalling to stick the elderly in NH, its hard to fathomed. If you think of the love and care as parents they gave, how can you do this to them?
Wanda Stone (may she rest in peace), was a neighbor that I visited weekly in NH (both of her children preceded her in death); but when I placed her name in the bulletin as sick-and-shut-in, she reminded me, “Bishop I am not sick, just shut in”.
This  writing will do nothing to  change the plight of the elderly; but hopefully, will draw attention to help stop their abuse. In their declining years,  they should be allowed to live and die with dignity.
Don’t forget the elderly. They deserve as much as they gave. And if life should last long for us, we too, will be elderly one day. 
The ACW 


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