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3 Jun 2018

What it means to be faithful.
Our faith never demands of us, it  never penalizes us; it brings comfort and peace to the troubled soul, healing to the sick and a overwhelming joy to all.
What it means to be faithful?
lt is to give of our best, to hold fast to God’s promises  and believe that his death and resurrection was most sincere. In the garden  Jesus ask the question “if its possible take this cup from me” but his faithfulness shines through, “not my will but thy will be done”. 
As God has shown and given, we too, must be faithful and give him our best. We must not make promises  that we do not keep, we must never take his love for granted, he gives us his very best, he does not ask us for all but a  commitment that brings us closer to him.
Social media is ruining our lives, children thinks guns are toys and politicians needs to spend more time at home but As visitations begins sacrifices must be made. We must look to the needs of those less fortunate and share where we can, our youth, veterans, homeless and outreach to bring others back-to-church, such is the foundation of our faith
What it means to be faithful?

Give to God as he has given you.
Ever faithful,
Hartley, Presiding Archbishop-ACW 


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