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6 Jun 2018

Beloved in Christ…


We have now reached the center of the year-2018, much has happened to our world. Nature too has taken its cause with volcanoes exploding around the world and while some elements of terror have been defeated, much prayer is still needed; especially in Africa where unexplained misery continues to be their unintended burden.


18 countries celebrate their independence this month: Samoa, Italy, Tonga, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Russia, Philippines, Iceland, Seychelles, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Croatia, Mozambique, Slovenia, Madagascar, Djibouti, Congo; we continue  to keep them in prayer.

Around the world the Church is falling in membership as it is no longer generational.  Families split as they advance in age, but the hope of the Church remains as we compete with social-media which has its place but has also become destructive.


The ACW has seen its share of downsizing but we have kept the faith and we will continue to “Reach out to the world” but with a different focus. We shall continue with the blessings and support from our benefactors where now we shall share the blessing bestowed upon us by assisting those who are less fortunate such as:

Children-Hospitals    -     Veterans     -     Youth-Education


We have asked the question in our June 3 posting “What does it mean to be faithful”?
Someone said the church is built by membership, but it’s what that membership does that goes forth to make it a viable church.


The ACW shall now use its resources to assist others.  If these efforts bring others to our doors we shall rejoice, but our faithfulness must be seen as a testament to our faith.  The Anglican-faith has been around for centuries but we must now meet the demanding tide of times, ever-living in the corridors, where its work can be seen.


We continue to press for unity in the Anglican-faith that we will find ways of working-together recognizing the generational changing of times.  It will be difficult, but we must try.


We continue to pray for the good health of our beloved Patriarch as we set in place continuing leadership.  

We thank our webmaster who through challenging health tries to keep our website up-to-date. 


So as we plunder into the latter of the year, we remind you to be faithful in whatever you. Do not fret over tomorrow for today’s troubles are enough.


Let us pray…

O Lord be merciful and unto us sinners and give us your peace. 


Hartley, Presiding Archbishop-ACW


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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