9 Jun 2018

Linda Carty is from the Caribbean Island of St Kitts;  she was a school teacher; and  she is a member of the Anglican Church Worldwide.
She has been on death-row in Texas for the past 21-years. Since 2011 we have traveled several times to visit her in her unfortunate journey.  We have talked, lunched & prayed with her.
We have written several letters to the then Governor Rick Perry and presented over 3,000 signatures in petitions, but our efforts have not been recognized, yet we remain in hope. 
Frankly, we have been criticized for our outreach to her and accused of not paying attention to the victim, but we have also reached out to the victim's family in 2013 who have most graciously received us.  We understand their pain and  anger, but we hope for their forgiveness and a reprieve from the Texas execution chamber.
We have never asked that she be released from prison, but that a commutation of her sentence from death-row to life-in-prison be permitted; we begged for the HAND-OF-MERCY. 
In 2017 we again wrote to the new Governor Greg Abbot to review her case and commute her sentence.  We understand that Texas  does not grant clemency often, but for our sister, fellow church member and compatriot we again plead her case that the HAND-OF-MERCY be granted her.
As a compatriot of ours, she came to these shores to make a better life but fell in with the wrong people, thus, ending up where she now is.
We will not go into details or argue her case (this can be easily found on line).  We recognize the wrong involved and understand the punishment meted out, but remain in hope & pray that the State of Texas will offer a HAND-OF-MERCY from death-row.
While spending time with her, we have found her hopeful, faithfully reading the scriptures, and singing  her favorite-hymn "Amazing Grace". We were not there to make judgment but offer support as man's judgment  has already been made.
Once she expressed the hope that one day she will join us in worship; such a hope we find hard to share, but, by the  HAND-OF-MERCY, perhaps one day we shall worship with her in a more strengthening setting--even if that be in a prison chapel. 
We will shortly make another pilgrimage to her, but our hope rest with Governor Abbot to whom again we now plead and  pray that he, like the victim's family, will offer a HAND-OF-MERCY.   
Linda is now a senior (65) citizen, who has spent the last 19 years in prison (17 on death-row). It is with this in mind that we again ask a commutation of her sentence.
The long drive on the prison-filled street, Ransom Road in Gatesville, Texas, is a disturbing drive recognizing that many lives are virtually entombed there--most by their own hands. We do not excuse Linda's deed, but still we earnestly plead for the HAND-OF-MERCY. 
We ask that this deed that we pray for will come from the hand of God and the State of Texas' act of mercy.

Hartley, Presiding Archbishop-ACW


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