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15 Jul 2018

Notice From the Provost
Under the guidance of our beloved Patriarch, His Beatitude, Vincent Millard Waterman and the Executive Diocesan Board (EDB)  of this August Body, we have accepted archbishop john erbelding withdrawal  who has joined another organization. 
*1.The word Emeritus will be removed from the Patriarch; he will serve as God will have him. The ACW travels to him this August in Canada 
*2. Our bequeathment given November 2, 2014 has now been fully activated, thus...
*3. All Bishops in the ACW  will now be salaried 
*4. His Eminence Hartley will be charged  as Metropolitan Archbishop and with the consent of our EDB, I shall be charged as Presiding Bishop-Elect and the Rev. Tommy Smith will be charged as Provost.
The ACW will be here in Grenada and Berbice Guyana this coming week. Further administrative appointments will be made at month's end.
In His Service,
+James Burke, Provost & Presiding-Elect (November 2018)    

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