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16 Jul 2018

The ACW Stands firm and Strong…… Always 

Each week the ACW receives inquiries from around the world seeking  to join us. We’ve stop responding.  Looking at the website Anglicans-on-Line there are 79 branches of the Anglican faith (AF) around the world all claiming to be the right one. Most of them came to the AF late but the leadership of the ACW was born into it. Here is our resting place.

As another bishop leaves us for personal reasons, we honor as blessings those whose loyalty stayed the course. This last departure is mostly coming because we would not give away one of our blessings to him (2014 RV). Perhaps if we had done so, he would have  still departed, taking it with him; it would have been a legal  disaster. He therefore informed us that he has joined “wac”, an organization that has no parishes, members, ministry or is registered anywhere as a church organization, just names they put on the internet. We accepted his withdrawal, not gladly, but his decision was the right one.

We look at reasons why some have left the ACW.  We are glad that they past our way, many lessons have been learned. It has made the ACW a body garnered in the AF and a registered body in 7 countries with benefactors who gladly support our work. 

In the USA there are 46 branches of the AF. Bishops and priests jump from one branch to another causing division in the faith, but only the strong and loyal will survive. The group which called itself ISIS came into being 3 years ago giving a bad name to the Muslim faith whose roots are grounded in loyalty and earnest prayer. ISIS tried to destroy this, they failed. So too will those who try to disrupt the ACW.  They will spring up, but will fade away. The ACW is a body, no matter how large of small, that will never  fade away by the actions of other lawless timelines. The internet is a wonderful tool but also a dangerous one where truth is a convenient opinion. The ACW works with all groups that are imbedded with the Word of God, especially the Church of England where we are still canonically resident.  We do not collect names on our website just for show, but those whose interest is promoting the AF reaching those in need. We are now working to support children’s hospitals, veterans, and the homeless where we can. Recent financial contributions have made this possible. We stand firm on the promise of our faith.

As the pioneers fade away many denominations are falling apart, including the AF. The AOC is one example. It is from there that Archbishop Alexander McGuire came but as we visited his grave last year we could feel his presence still with us. A report recently concludes that like businesses ,7 churches close in the USA weekly; not from their commitment to their faith, but a lack of  financial resources. The Lutheran Church has broken up into 5 divisions, even the centuries old Methodist Church has broken up but the spirit of John & Charles Wesley remains. Some of this comes from the new social media  called 'political correctness' that is now an imposition, such as LGBT.

90% of those who keep jumping from one Anglican-branch to another do not understand the vision of the AF.  They came late and when their objectives are not met, they flee. We Anglicans who were born into the faith will not flee as this faith is our being, where loyalty carries the highest premium. Here we shall remain. The ACW's responsibility is not to fractions of the faith but to the Word of God and the 39 Articles of religion given to us centuries ago.

The “wac” is a product  of Africa where the rule of law has its questions. Gimme, gimme is their story, not what can we do to help. Their history of governance, loyalty and commitment is a buffet that none beyond Africa can truly understand and where no amount of giving can help. A United Nations report recently cited that 62% Africans are under age 40, perhaps future generations will bring it to order as 43 of its 55 countries are constantly in personal civil conflict and its people traumatize by their own leaders.

As we leave for the Caribbean & South America, we shall focus on them  and the 16 active ACW parishes whose support carries a fundamental loyalty.

Recently another branch of the AF in the USA (Anglican Church in America)  invited 2 Bishops from South Africa to visit.  They came at their own expense but then were abandoned in their hotel. The ACW rescued them, this is who we are, as we saw their safe return home.

 We are encourage by those who are looking for a place in the AF but only if their interest is serving the faith as charted by the Word of God.  The AF is not a place of numbers. We’re 100 million strong around the world, that in itself speaks of a 1000 years.  In this the ACW rest. 

Visit ANGLICANS-ON-LINE , the vehicle that traces what it means to be Anglicans. All of us adhere to the 39 Articles-of-Religion and subscribe to the 7 Sacraments.

So as we travel along perhaps you  will see more names moving around. Some maliciously, some on  6 or 7 websites that they say they belong but one thing you will not find, that the ACW is diminished or collecting names to impress.  We hold our faith dear in our hearts. Names published on the ACW website are indeed servants of the faith, as Our  Motto demands us to “Reach out to the world”.  This we shall continue to do as we listen  closely to the voice of God. 



Hartley, Metropolitan Archbishop 
Canon James Burke, Presiding Bishop-Elect
Authorized by Patriarch Vincent Waterman 



Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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