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31 Jul 2018

We traveled thru July where there were many challenges, trials & joys. Challenges  are wonderful; trials are a part of life but we persevere on the path  we have been led to trod. We have a death in the ACW of a beloved family member. We give our support & love to the Thomas family, mainly our webmaster Mrs. Sue Thomas.  Her niece, Felicia Harris, departed this life July 30. 

We opened a new parish in Albuquerque New-Mexico where newly ordained Fr Roland Solomon is the Rector. We  also officially opened St. Albans  homeless shelter in Berbice Guyana South America. A Metropolitan visit to St Mathias in Grenada was an uplifting blessing.

What will August bring?  We serve at the direction of the Holy Spirit; our continued vision will continue to push us forward.

26 Countries celebrate their independence this month. Some with success, some in conflict and others raising their hopes to a better future. The ACW congratulates them all and pray for those who are in distress. We pray the grace of God will be with them.

Switzerland-1, Benin-1, Burkina-Faso-5, Jamaica- 6, Bolivia-6,  Côte-d'Ivoire-7,  Singapore-9,  Ecuador-10, Chad-11,  Pakistan-14, Congo-Brazzaville-15 India-15,  South-Korea 15,  Liechtenstein-15,Dominican-Republic-16,  Indonesia-17, Gabon-17,  Afghanistan-19, Hungary-20, Ukraine-24,  Uruguay-25,  Moldova-27, Kazakhstan-30, Malaysia-31, Trinidad-&-Tobago-31, Kyrgyzstan-31

May we all find in this August the joy we seek.
Please visit our website from time-to-time to see where thus we trod.
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