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20 Sep 2018

The ACW wishes to thank the Olive Garden Restaurants (OGR), especially the management of our local franchise, for their generosity and hospitality given to us.

On August 16, 2018, in celebration of Lady Ward’s birthday, OGR hosted a luncheon for her along with the ladies of Good Shepherd ACW.  On September 17, in consideration of Mrs. Sue Thomas, on the death of her daughter, Avis Lynn Thomas, a luncheon was hosted for her along members of her spiritual family.

Further, non-denominational pastors have been extended an invitation to dine at a future time to be determined.  OGR has been most gracious to the ACW for which words cannot fully express our gratitude.

Olive Garden Restaurant's generosity and care for a community in need is quite evident and shows through their action taken within that community.

If in your travels you are in the area of an OGR, we invite you to give them your patronage and invite others to do the same. Not only is their generosity beyond compare but their menu is a delightful treasure of dining.  Give your palate a treat.

With much gratitude,



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