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21 Oct 2018

Today, Sunday, October 21, was a most special day in the life of the ministry that I have served for the past forty-four years.  On Friday, the 19th, we had received a call from Wyoming, some 900 miles away, from the grandson of a dear member of the ACW.  He had moved away when he was barely an adult, but he is now 27 years of age.  

For the past few years of his life he had decided he was “gay,” but today he flew home and ask to be baptized. Not only to be baptized into the Christian faith but also to a cleansing of the Holy Spirit.

He told me, “It’s time to put this foolishness aside.  God made me a man and that’s how I should live my life.”   As he came to the baptismal font, most of his family, who have hoped and prayed for years that he would walk away from this life, joined him in joyous support.

He repented openly and declared his decision to follow Christ and obey His commandments.  Many in the congregation, who have known him since he was a child, cried tears of happiness. His dear grandmother was greatly moved.  It was a wonderful time of joy as we welcomed him back to God and to a new life filled with hope and love.

It is always good when we see others recover from the blunders of their ways and recognize God’s plan for their lives.  We cannot force people to live their lives according to God’s commandments, but we can certainly be the ones who help them find their way home.  And it was our special joy to help this precious soul find his way into Gods grace.  Let us all encourage him and pray that God will lead him into the life that glorifies God and shows that he is a real man.                       

Thanks be to God!

Abp. Hartley


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