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2 Nov 2018

History of Ordinations and Consecrations under My Hand
Since my consecration as bishop in 1997, God has placed in my hand the Holy Order to ordain and consecrate.  During that time, 58 clergy have knelt at our feet to take their Holy Orders.  As with all things, some stayed and some departed, but mostly remain in fellowship. Before 2008, we did not fully vet our clerical prospects.  That was a mistake, but we learned from it.
In Uganda, there is a group called “WAC,” or the “Worldwide Anglican Church,” a shameful scrambling of our great name.  They have tried to disrupt us, even stealing much of the content from our website and listing our clergy as their own.  They now claim to have amassed 700 churches and 800 clergy within one year.  If that were true, every religious publication in the world would be at their doorstep, trying to uncover their secrets, and we would wish them well.  But Providence will determine the truth as no one seems to know where these clergy and churches are.  Many who left the ACW to affiliate with them are returning, but we reinstate them with much caution.
During my tenure, we have visited 16 countries spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the ministry of the ACW.  As we prepare to retire, we share our list of ordinants and consecrants with you.  We pray that they will all continue to spread the Gospel of Christ wherever they minister.
This list of 50 ordinations and consecrations shows the clergy in their attained Holy Order.
Ethel Shanklin 98 (IL) 
Luereda Pulliam 98 (IL) 
Mary Moore 98 (IL) 
Eddie Moore 98 (IL)
Florida Graham 98 (IL) 
Oretha Hugley 98 (MO) 
Rachel Merthru 05 (Kenya)  
Theresa Saunders 07 (IL) 
Marlene Cordero 07 (TX) 
Anna Kuir 08 (KY)
Ethelbert Lowe 97 (MA)
Milton Ojeh 05 (NY) 
John Blair 98 (IL)
Paul Agamari 05 (MN) 
Afika  Mwamba 06 (Africa)
Arthur Toro 06 (TX) 
Hadel Isaac 06 (TX)
Gerold Mbogo 06 (MN)
William Chol 08 (MI) 
Doyle Volitine 07 (TX) 
Don Lock 10 (FL)  
William Anderson 08 (VA) 
Daniel Mapur 09 (ND) 
Godwin Opkra 12 (Eq. Guinea)
Gilbert Lyons 98 (NJ)
Christopher Atherly 98 (Barb.)  
John Githiga 06 (TX) 
James Dardan 07 (IL)
Doe Mwambe 07  (Congo) 
Nedd Council 07  (PA)
John Selders 08 (CT) 
Francis Theophilus 10 (VA)  
Ernest Ross Priest 10 (PA)
Charles Connor 12 (FL) 
J David McGuire 12 (OK) 
Christopher Lwanga 13 (Africa)
William Semple 16 (NY)
Edwin Tomkins 17 (OH) 
Bermaine Jackson 18 (IL)
Honorary Bishops:
Edward Bryant 13 (IL) 
William Harris 13 (IL) 
Joseph Carr 13 (MO)

South Sudan Clergy in USA:
Simon Majack 07 
Jacob Ruei 07
Thon Chol 07 
John Ater 10   
Daniel Khol                
John Makuach 09
Phillp Deng  12 
Elizabeth Oco
May the blessings of God be with them all!

Abp. Hartley


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