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14 Nov 2018

Beloved in Christ, our retirement service was a blessing and well attended by pastors, area church delegations, and community leaders.  (It pleased me that a bugler did not play “Taps” after all the nice things were said!)
Not many who came believed I was retiring, but I explained I was not leaving the ministry, just the administrative duties of the ACW.  New leaders, to whom I shall give my full support, are now in place.
I have lived in the Bellville community for the past 22 years and have developed many spiritual and personal relationships.  Therefore, with the House Of Bishops’ permission, I shall take the charge as Dean of the Cathedral here at the Good Shepherd Cathedral, with the challenge of rebuilding its membership and its pastoral care of the community, which suffered from my constant episcopal visits to all parts of the province.
The Good Shepherd Cathedral is well known to the community.  Its 161 flags on display, representing where ever in the world you find an Anglican church, is a fine talking point.  But membership and attendance is down.  God willing, I shall try to restore the membership and reinstate effective pastoral care, come January 1, 2019. 
Sitting on top of a hill with a busy street below, the outstretched hand of the Jesus statue blessing some 3000 people in over one thousand cars which pass by each day, our outreach will tap into this resource.  

Our calendar for the remaining year is:

Sunday Mass 8:15 and 10:00 am
Wednesday Mid-day Service 12:00 Noon
December 16 Festival of Lessons and Carols 5:00 pm 
December 24 Christmas Eve Mass 7:00 pm  
December 31 New Year’s Eve Mass 11:30 pm

 We invite all of you to make a visit.  The National Chancery remains in residence.

Abp. Hartley


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