7 Dec 2018

Beloved in Christ:

Retirement draws near and we celebrate our 68th birthday December 11. We thank God for the journey he has given us in this life.

This Christmas we have lost our most gracious benefactor Shop & Save as their doors have been closed. Over the years many families have looked to the ACW for relief as the seasons rolled on. But thanks be to God, a benefactor has stepped in to ensure that these families are not disappointed; thus, this season the ACW will support 35 families.  We will also make a significant contribution to St. Jude’s Children Hospital (via another benefactor).

This season we encourage you to follow the path of Shop and Save and our current benefactors whose generosity reaches into the community, though cold outside, leaves a warm glow of caring and appreciation by many families.

Ministry is sharing with love and fellowship, not placing unsubstantiated names on a website.  We must open our hearts to give and to fellowship with those less fortunate; for it is by the grace of God that we are not in the same position wherever in the world you may be.

Enjoy the season.

Next week we write our final letter to the world as Metropolitan.  Please check this page after Dec. 11, 2018.  

Ever faithful,

Hartley, Metropolitan Archbishop (Ret. Dec 31)


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