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22 Dec 2018

There  are times that you must make decisions that can be painful  such was  Rev. Jonn Fawcett dilemma who at age 25 as a Baptist preacher  was assigned to a small church where his salary was produce & poultry. The  parish had no money yet with wife Mary dedicated  themselves to the church.  Rev. Fawcett was born into a poor family in Yorkshire, England, At an open-air meeting he felt a call to ministry 
After years of struggles at Cloverleaf-Baptist-church an opening to a large Baptist-church  he was offered the charge  so he and Mary packed their  belongings in their horse-drawn-cart after his last service, saying  goodbye they began to head out but Mary could not bring herself to leave. It is said that they stopped looked back and saw the pain of the people and turned around thereby inspiring these words not written in song but in heart 
     Blest be the tie that binds, our hearts in Christian love 
     The fellowship of kindred minds, Is like that from above
     We share our mutual woes, our mutual burdens bear 
     And often for each other flows, the sympathizing tear
In a conversation with my beloved mentor Archbishop Wilfred-Portier in 2006  he requested that when his time should come I do his funeral (I did-2011) and this hymn sung. As I prepare to leave this charge I am also taken to these words where ere I go leaving behind the charge  and….. I wonder if I am turning-away but both Potier and I had what Fawcett did not, a successor, this gives comfort. The final words of Fawcett Inspiring-heart 

     When we asunder part, It gives us inward pain 
     But we shall be still be join in heart, and hope to meet again
As 2018  draws to a close I find love for those I was charged deeper than before, my heart remains but blest  there are others to carry on.  Whatever you do or wherever you go always keep in your heart those who you love  and even if far away. In this age of technology do not be far away for herein we join with Rev. Fawcett words.

“Blest be the tie that binds” 

Abp. Hartley


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