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1 Jan 2020

Beginning in 2004 the ACW adopted several Sudanese young-men, called Lost Boys, brought to the USA by the United-Nations. We  helped them as much as we could, finding them homes, jobs and places of worship in their own culture and language, but over the years  most of them went their way. We wondered why.  They brought their culture here committing  murders and forming gangs in their communities among themselves.
On  July 9, 2011,  South-Sudan (SS) who on a joyous night gained its independence from Sudan; many thought this would be a new beginning for the impoverish country where peace and lives would be a reality. But today SS  is brutally ruled by President Kir and his rebel Vice-President John Machar.
This year 400,000 were murdered in SS, four million displaced, 2/3 of the population is starving, bodies are dumped along the side of the road to rot while Kir and Machar hold peace talks with the best food and wine on the conference table. Their peace talk is a sham.
Why is the world not saying anything? Is it because it's Africa and genocide is nothing new. Perhaps they look at Central-African-Republic, Burkina-Faso, Democratic-Republic-of-Congo where genocide too is happening and just threw their hands in the air.
Sudanese and other Africans like us are God’s children and we should speak up. Don’t be caught in the phony-peace-conferences with fine dining; we have to care. The church and world governments must speak out.
What will happen to SS. We in the ACW care, but there is nothing we can do, we will not insult the surviving/forgotten  people of SS with  words like “We shall keep you in our prayers” yet we pray, for Action, words are not  needed.


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