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16 Jan 2020

Hello from Hartley...

It's so good to be back. I know you missed me; I too have missed you in some ways.
As the New Year speeds along we wonder what it will bring. Things around the world have not gone away, just  slowed down. Our  brothers and sisters in Australia are still fighting the bush fires; most of the African countries are still in turmoil; Eastern Europe is still in selfishness where one country will not share with their next door neighbor and terrorist are still trying to find ways to destroy the world; but thanks be to God, His grace still holds us forward.
The ACW is making new strides in the Caribbean and Africa and soon will announce new plans for its outreach.  
Travel plans to 11 American states, plus visitations to Grenada, Dominica, Saint Bart's and Australia is in the offing. 
This year we shall be in partnership with 3 other Anglican groups. We shall not be placing names on the internet with no ministry or fellowship, but those with actual work. 7 ordinations are planned for this first quarter who shall then go forward to their missions. 
We look forward to a prosperous year in God’s service. We welcome 3 new candidates for ordination discussions and dialogue. 
Thanks to all of our staff who gallantly worked to the betterment of the ACW in 2019.
Keep up to date with us; visit our website and monitor our progress.

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