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21 Jan 2020

The Left Hand of God - Part 2
The  Aqueduct
In 46 years of ministry never have I seen the likes of it. I was asked Friday, January 17,  by a funeral home to eulogize a person I never met, 34 years old who died from lupus; but as the funeral played out, it was another-disease placed on by another. The ruckus began at the funeral-home and carried over to the cemetery where sadly I learned that lawless-guns were present.  Only the calm of this pastoral-voice brought (some) order. There was possibly a murder planned at the cemetery.
You would have to be there to see this  story-unfold. The fear, disrespect and the anguished of  La Keshia-Green-funeral, a short-live life but rough around it edges;  she although lying-in-wait to  rest was not blameless in this tragedy caused by her dying-words to her  family. What was most depressing for this family was undignified, filthy-words-cursing, threats of-intimidations bringing a police presence. None of this was called for where qualified dignity was required.  One’s Farewell from this earth should be with the love and respect given to all and while some might argue that her life brought this ravage, what was done today was a disgrace, not deserving.
My final point,  this lays at the door of the Aqueduct.  That after living 34 years she should have been sent home with a service in the Lord's house and not from a funeral-home where the ceremony-invited priest never met her.  It's disconcerting when the bulletin say that she gave her life to Christ at an early age, yet no one ever recollect having seen her in church.

Our pray today, 'that our God forgives all that was done today, that still she may indeed rest in the Aqueduct of  peace'.

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