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25 Feb 2020

2020 is swiftly moving along and we have been silent as you may have noticed but the  ACW has been steady in its spiritual growth.  We are glad that God guidance has given us the wisdom to do so. As we begin preparation for Synod 2020 the outlines are still in the process of building a collation for the future this body.
As the world changes everyday upon us we must sometimes begin anew and this we have decided. Small in its structural presence Good Shepherd, Belleville Illinois, is the Mother church of  the ACW; thus, we  undertake a 3 month project of refurbishing leading to Synod 2020 and rededication of the parish. Further  details will come as we move along.
Further, many people from across the world has sought  entrance to the  ACW as clergy but while we are glad that others seek to be a part of us, however when it comes to clergy they  must be qualified and fully vetted with background checks. We are not placing any names on our  websites for show. The church is a sacred order and must show this via leadership. We welcome all  but order  must carry as we open our doors to the world.
Now as we enter the Lenten Season (Mass, Wednesdays & Stations of the Cross, Fridays)  we pray that in this time  of pentinence that God will guide to lead and be led.
Visit our website; look around; make suggestions; we shall be glad to listen. Also visit our ACW media page for a glimpse into our Sunday sermons.

Ever faithful,



Hartley, Presiding Bishop


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