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9 Mar 2020

We always think of what we can do for ourselves, but do we ever stop to think what we can do to help bring value to the lives of others.
Adding value to the lives of others does not necessarily mean giving financial gifts, but rather words of wisdom and advice.
  • A person who drinks and drive might not want to listen, but speak to them before they kill someone or themselves.
  • A young person who hangs out (their words) with the wrong people, speak to them before they become victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time sometimes with tragic circumstances
  • An overweight person may not wish to hear that they’re overweight, but if it will save their life tell them.
Do not be afraid to tell them, they may find your comments “mean”, but that's a whole lot better than going to their early funeral.
Giving to others is not a difficult task, there are many people who would just love to know that someone cares enough to tell them the truth of their lives, lovingly giving your advice that could be life changing to them.
In my journey I meet pole whose lives are totally whacked out. I try speaking to them, but instead of trying to fix their issue they are long winded with words of excuses, finding every possible reason to avoid the  reality of their issue.
  • To a young  gang member, “my friends are my family”
  • To a drunk driver, there is nothing wrong in having a drink”
  • To an overweight person “this is who I am”
It is not your personal journey to try to change the world, but take a look at your little slice of it and try to add something that will make the world around you a better place. In so doing you will find that in your doing so you will also make you “a better you.”
Ever Faithful,

Hartley PB/ACW


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