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14 Mar 2020

Special Notice 
The Anglican Church Worldwide values the  friendship and health of all it members, friends and their relatives. 
As we monitor this pandemic coronavirus we are mindful that while we must not  live in fear, we must be prudent and wise in our decisions. St. Francis of Assisi reminds in his torrent, “God creates our choices and leaves us to chose”; thus, we must care for each other and those that surround us.
It’s always painful to close the doors of the church  but we must not linger to see what happens next; thus, as your Presiding Bishop, in conjunction with our House of Bishops, I have instructed all ACW Parishes and member affiliates  in Africa, Caribbean, Australia, Canada & the USA  to be closed for  Sunday's worship until further clarification is assured. We advised you to be safe and take all measures of safety as recommended by the CDC, WHO and your local community leaders. 
Take this time to enjoy your family that surrounds you and pray for each other. We are committed in the  ACW to keep you up-to-date.   
Ever faithful, 

Hartley, Presiding Bishop ACW


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