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17 Mar 2020

"Take My Life and Let It Be" 
Frances Havergal was a poet but more so a hymn writer; but at the point when she knew death was imminent, she spent her last moments in composition unselfishly  thinking of her life and where it will end. 
In this uncertain time when even those we elected to lead us do not know where the end is with corona-19, our church leaders are baffled and moments of fear is unleashed upon us, we know not what the future holds.  In her inspiring words “Take my life and let it be” I look back at our webmaster who in 2017 knew not where her life will go when cancer called. Each day we would talk and she would say her life was in the hands of God. March 18 she celebrates another birthday, Frances' words was her theme. 
In this time when we are told to stay home, not to worship and fellowship, we join with Frances and place her words before the altar of God, be it in your living room or closet. 
Join with the ACW this day in her dedication to proclaim that you too belong  to God ensuring that your life is  Consecrated to the Lord. 
Hear her PLEA 
“Take my life and let it be 
Consecrated lord to thee 
Take my moments and my days 
Let them flow in ceaseless praise  
Hear her WISH 
Take my voice and let me sing, 
Always only to my king 
Take my lips and let them be 
Filled with messages from thee   
Hear her PRAYER 
Take my will and make it thine, 
It shall be no longer mine 
Take my heart as is thine own, 
It shall be thy royal throne  
Take my love my Lord I pour, 
at thy feet thy treasures store 
Take myself and I will be, 
Ever only Lord for thee  
Beloved, go now do not worry of tomorrow, for today’s troubles are enough 



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