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25 Mar 2020

SYNOD 2020 
Many  have written to us about our continuing plans for SYNOD 2020. In the past week we have received calls from Australia, Grenada, Dominica, Equatorial Guinea  and Barbados  about the plan to go forward. Regretfully we cannot at this time due to the worldwide health crisis of corona-19; however, we will make an announcement April12, 2020, Easter Sunday. This we hope will give others time to prepare or nay. We are aware that the many who called have to obtain visa’s and that is not a very fast process; thus, we fully  respect their enquiry.
We are very excited about SYNOD 2020. It is going to be a changing of guard as young people are very much again engaged in the  ACW, especially from Australia and the Caribbean.
Stay tuned for updates. 

Office of the Presiding Bishop, hdw/ev


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