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28 Mar 2020

SYNOD 2020 
As we fully accept the laud of the Corono-19, we are mindful that all is not normal or will not get back anytime soon, but we continue in our prayers for the safety of all. 
It is with this in mind that the Office of the Presiding Bishop with consented leadership of our House of Bishops have decided we shall postpone  SYNOD 2020  until all is back to order. To those across the pond, down under the Caribbean and North America whose disappointment is evident join us in a time-of-prayer so that we stay together in fellowship. While  we are not be able to see each other  technology keeps us close 
Thus, SYNOD 2020 has been postponed God willing  until (hopefully)…………..2020 

Office of the Presiding Bishop ACW


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