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25 Apr 2020

The Anglican faith is centuries old and will stand as long as life shall last but in recent years the faith has been tested by many who  call themselves Anglican but know nothing of the faith, said one bishop “the church is about numbers, but the Anglican church is about the faith we extend. One  group origination in 2017  has more Bishops than the Church of England but no congregations of fellowship accepting people who write claiming they have congregations but none are in evidence. 
The current corona virus has hat stripped us all of church attendance and devastated its pews world  over, some will survive this others may not but the Anglican faith will NOT  be defeated  its  history of strength hold based on commitment and longevity. 
In the past few weeks the ACW has have  received enquires of a  group calling themselves  WAC that uses our canons, general information, vision, claiming members  of our body as their own. The ACW encourages all who walk in the presence of God to fulfill their mission, but we  respectfully ask is that they do so with honor and dignity  We will not speak negatively of them, but   keep them in our prayers. This is not a time to throw stones, we pray they will show honor and create their church with their information and logo  

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


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