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3 May 2020

My Lord. My Guardian  
Saturday we ventured out from the gates of the archdiocese to look at the trouble world that surrounds us the stone  loins at my gates their strong presence gives a calm  comfort, as the wind blazes the ACW flag beneath the American   we did notr know what we would  see but it’s a different  world than when  I last ventured, but with over 50.000  deaths I was glad to be a apart of it. 90% of stores in our area are closed as they the departure of this  unknown monster. As I approached others not  knowing who they were as we all were masked, coprono-19 has taken full control of our lives at  that point I could only say  my life and those  around me I leave in the hands of God 
It’s folly by those who are screaming to re-open to authorities but I concur with our governors joining them its much too soon. we  compliment them for not bending to the political diatribe motivated by parties not giving thought to those we have lost and those we might if we make hasty decisions. Our thoughts should now be of others and not our selfish thought of a forthcoming election 
As I surveyed the scene that surrounded me I could not help but think of 18 century Anglican hymn writer William  Williams who is in his inspiring words gave us “Guide me oh thou great Jehovah” but it was not that text which dwells  in our hearts today, but one that lent itself to a small community congregation deep in problems 
Be thou my guardian and my guide, 
and hear me when I call 
Let not my slippery footstep slide, 
and hold me less I fall
These word resonates to us in times of difficulty and gods protection is always present  we can go to him from what is spanning e globe eventful that we must do our part  in calming the fear and uncertainty of this world no matter  how long it takes 
Hear  William’s lament  
The world of flesh and Satan dwell, 
around the path I tread 
O save me from the snares of hell, 
Thou quickner of the dead 
A we listen to the  news we cannot escape the dreaded thoughts of the pundit and others who are trying to make a quick buck from this tragedy, we are sadden by those who feel trapped in their homes and for love ones who cannot say  goodbye to those they love their entire life and for those starved from  Christian fellowship come Sunday morning, but we  must not lose hope we must stand upon  the solid rock that carries the footprints of Jesus. We must reach our to each other and fellowship the best way we can, technology gives us a door to this . 
William too was I this mode of thought, everyday not rain or shine it’s a  beautiful day  to the destiny of our faith,. Get out a little,  do it safely, prayerfully always mindful what lies ahead and when your adventure is complete repair to your sanctuary (home) and enjoy family and the peace it  Williams concise words adds to this  avenue of hope  
I bid your this 3rd Sunday after Easter  do not abandon life for with all is mysteries its still a beautiful world  
Here William Williams one last time 
Still let me ever watch and pray, 
and feel that I am frail 
That if the tempter cross my way, 
Yet he may not prevail
In the name of the Father be ascribed now and evermore 

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


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