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1 Jul 2020

Within the idle time of the pandemic these last  few months  this office ACW has been receiving request for afflation, we have heard from Canada, Togo,  Philippines, Nigeria, Senegal and  others in the USA. We  are blest that our work is seen as such that others 
wish to join us, we gladly welcome all, but we take the precaution of vetting so that when partnership (are, and if)  formed there will be lasing relationship and commitment to spreading and teaching of the gospel, for this  WE LOOK TO THE CROSS 
Leadership is a difficult task, and as the pandemic stroll along we looked at all opportunities to serve. We called  beloved and dedicated servants regularly, we sent out thousands of emails and placed many of our sermons on our website. We are in constant prayer for all as WE LOOK TO THE CROSS 
Most  of the Worlds Anglicans were  born into this faith, they are committed, they know the prayer book, sacraments, articles-of-religion, and yes, the Hymns,  the Anglican faith is the backbone of their being, we can never abandon it,  thus it brightens our heart when others seek affiliation,  BUT with accountability,  we shall NOT receive or place names on our website just for impression, neither will we peruse names on others website and call them up badmouthing other Anglican organizations, this has no place in the Christian faith, we stand firm on the conviction of  faith, where the only reward we seek is that when this journey is ore we shall hear those comfortable words “ Well done thou good and faithful servant” and continually  WE LOOK TO THE CROSS 

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


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