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3 Jul 2020

As America celebrates its birthday, we are grateful to God for the many blessings bestowed upon it and look forward to its continued blessings. Like the rest of the world, we are awashed in Covid-19 as none really knows where it will end. Our churches have been closed and the fellowship we once knew is slightly hindered. But America, through all its difficulties, still remains strong.
Currently,  the problems we are preoccupied with are brought on by the instant social media where everyone’s opinion can be splashed all over the world, be it factual or not. Verification is no longer a priority and jumping to conclusions  are destroying the lives of many. Organizations are popping up everywhere claiming  to represent groups and causes but mostly its about political public relations fundraising. To express your personal opinion can sometimes be  dangerous and depending upon the side you are on, the truth really does not matter much.
Yet within of all of this, America stands up in the smile of democracy and the freedom to walk down the street without fear of government dictatorship secures our being that we are still a  nation-of-laws - that Americans can still proudly boast  “God bless America land that I love”.
Suffice it to say, 244 years have passed and countless generations have come and gone and with each generation vast changes are made.  But thankfully America endures. One of the staples of this country is the church. No matter what faith or creed we embrace, our faith still keeps us strong. We must never lose sight of our faith and while the pandemic keeps our doors locked  and places us in social distancing mode, the church will endure  the joys that yet this country brings. Let is continue to pray for America,  its leaders and all who dwell within this land.
The ACW prays for America!

General Secretary Linda Brown


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