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16 Jul 2020

As we prepare to embark on a two week visitation evangelism we pause  to think of our mission, who are we and what do we know and question we ponder. First we ask your prayer for St Mary’s ACW in Albuquerque New Mexico where some member contracted Covo-19. There are the  focus of our prayers. We also  wish to thanks those who returned our self-address Stamped envelopes with gifts within twas a blessing. Your contribution  also gave us the opportunity to continue our annual gift to St Jude’s children hospital for 2020. We also pause to say thanks you to a benefactor who donated to the ACW $500.00 of historical postage stamps  dating back from 1992, if you should receive one from us hold on to it   
A few words of thought 
From Where does  your faith comes?  
What does the word church means to you? 
Are you ever miserable in your faith? 
Are you ever miserable in your church? 
How well do you know the Word of God
What’s the most difficult time of your life 
Take a deep breath for one second 
Where does life go from here
We remind you to be of mindful Covid-19. Be respectful of others, observe social distancing , share with others MASK if you have surplus, and even if you cannot get to church enter into your private Den and spend time with your God
Please be reminded the ACW office is opened always, even on Saturday’s 
Tel: (618) 213-7617  Email: Anglicanchurch@aol.com 
don’t let corona defeat you 

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


Reaching Out to the World and..... Beyond
Under the Protection of the Cross

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