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18 Jul 2020

He walked to the door unannounced, offered a substantial gift and we did not know why.  Then he pulled out of his wallet a $2 bill I gave him many years ago.  “This has been my prayer line for success through these years and recently I received a tremendous blessing and I believe that this $2 bill was the source of my success”, he said.
At first I must confess I did not remember him but as the conversation pressed forward, images of him came to my mind. Since the cathedral, as other churches, are finding themselves in financial distress we look at this as an example of how God is blessing us for our work in the community.  A few weeks ago we received an envelope from a member who is a traveling nurse living in Arizona.  She said,  “I know my church is going through hard times. Here is a blessing”. Another surprise given in faith!
People sometimes ask how the ACW survived these past 16 weeks as the pandemic rouges through the banks of the community, but we survive not solely because of generous donations. There are over 1000 $2 bills floating around our community and world - most of you reading this have one. Our blessing comes from the faith and dedication we have given our community and the world and the commitment we have made.
Over the past 2 years, the ACW has visited over 1000 cites (some just driving through) and have planted the words of faith to many. We have also explored potential work in Africa but without much success. Now we are riding the waves of the Caribbean Sea where hope springs eternal!
We believe in the continued blessings of God; we will grow, succeed, win souls not because we are the ACW but because we are the children of God who heed His words committed to the task given - “Reaching out to the world…..and beyond”. 

++Hartley, Presiding Bishop of the ACW


Reaching Out to the World and..... Beyond
Under the Protection of the Cross

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