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20 Jul 2020

I am reminded of that popular saying “home is where the heart is” and I think this rings true.  But Covid -19 has managed to upend the lives of so many and this is devastating. Because of this pandemic, some are being run out of their homes, loneliness and isolation are wrecking marriages and family life and some cannot find peace within their surroundings and so it goes. This epidemic is destroying many relationships and causing a huge spike in financial problems. 
A dear friend in his mid 70”s recently told me that he believes he has only 10-15 years to live and he desires to enjoy it to the fullest until his last day  comes. There is merit in his words and in this sea in the tide of these times, this begins with happiness in the home and the family relationships within. We hear stories of husbands and wives fighting each other and if they can leave home, questioning if its a health or a trust factor. There’s a sandbag of questions and each question becomes more aggravating and carries verbal abuse. Then there is the nature to divide as to who should wash the dishes or mop the floors.  Then the insults of ineptitude come disintegrating the relationship and challenging which authority rules within domestically, financially and peacefully. Can’t we see what this is doing? Don’t let Corona win!  Don't let it take the heart out of the home!  
Families  must look to each other in this time of crisis, not always for the negative or to criticize. They must  live and let others live and so must they give. They must not remind each of their shortcomings but repair relationships. Within the walls of the home should be a sanctuary of peace and all who dwell can enter the quietness of its resolve. And with God’s help, they can navigate the rough patches. 
I have traveled around the world to every continent, dined in many homes and have found that no 2 homes run alike. They are characterized by different culture and management styles, but one thing that is constant is that families live supreme within their confines - don’t let that be destroyed! Good living and enjoying each other as family seals this in place. Don’t push one another through the door and then blame each other. Let the love you share be your strength and desire.  
Live, live and live and let others live as well - don’t let corona defeat you!!!!  

General Secretary Linda Brown


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