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3 Aug 2020

27 Ounces of Tin 
World over people are  dying from this ongoing murderous pandemic. To many it seems like a number, but it's  serious. In the USA over 150,000 people have died from this  nightmare, but here is a miserable fact that of the worlds 282 countries, 43 of them have a population  less than 150,000. The American administration provides no real moral or political leadership, they don’t seem to care about the lives lost, just re-election.
We continue to implore you to be safe, wear your mask, obey the rules given by non-political health-officials, adhere to social-distancing, keep your children safe, do not rush back to school just because politicians say so. Even the church while partially opening must make safety a top priority. Death now is a number for outfits like CNN & MSNBC, they are playing to advertisers, 206 died  yesterday, 439 died today, they go on and on. Funeral  congregates are limited but do not lose sight that when one-person dies over 20,000 people are affected by their death, family, communities; thus when we casually say that 150,000 died over 1 million (1,000,000) people are affected, don’t let us ever forget that. We  must be constant in our care and concern. In  our own ACW community we lost 2-members last-week in  New-Mexico, it has greatly affected the native-American community there, extending to the ACW around the world. They are not numbers, but lives.
Each day around the world 6000 people die from this pandemic. We must stop saying, “We will keep them in  our thoughts and prayers”, those words have become lip service, especially in the political arena. This pandemic has no friends, takes no hostages, carrying 27 ounces of Tin which we do not need. Leadership must not worry about voter-fraud or to postpone an election, but little Valarie who at 9 years old has been laid to rest. Whose family could care less about elections, but the lost of their beloved-beautiful-daughter who the pandemic has been taken from them, MUCH TOO SOON.


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