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26 Sep 2020

The church is in  crisis in  this time of the pandemic, it has made it seem as we can now only worship 10-at-a-time or in the parking lot in our cars. This is a noble effort but it drains our faith especially when politicians try to use it for their selfish cause; but hear this, the church should never be used for mindless  by any political party or as a political photo prop. The church is in crisis, we must not ignore  the realities of this and we must not let it weaken our faith or bolted into political dog fights that has no bearing on our faith. 
Recently someone called me a Liberal KKK RAT ( I don’t know what that means), his distain for me was that I would fight to save someone life on death row but would not walk the streets with posters on abortion. We believe  abortion is wrong, but for the church to become politically involve is also wrong, spiritually right,  politically wrong.  Our role is to meet the spiritual needs  of those who come to us in pain with the question, not to pad political candidates coffers, the  church  must keep their credentials in check with the charge given us, not  falling into the pit till the election is over. 
Our goal in the church is to preach the Word of God and there it should remain, give aid and comfort to those in distress, seek out the lost, pray for deliverance and ignore the mind boggling screams to the season politicians no matter their party affiliation whose only goal is to get elected 
The church is in crisis but we must not lose our faith or  the conscience that carries us through the day.

Hartley, Presiding Bishop ACW


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