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15 Oct 2020

We  have lost around the world over 1 million people from this  unforgivable virus. We continue to see the pain and suffering of those who have lost.  Political leaders have turned it into a game of numbers; but it is not, they are souls struggling with unimaginable pain. The media plays like the numbers are not important, 500 died yesterday, 600 died today and await their ratings for the next day, where some of these lives  may  never recover from losing a love one. We must not add to their pain, it seems empathy has been lost.
Some  in our community take it lightly making jokes of death or loss; we should  not do this but in our doings open our hearts to those who are  in pain or loss. 
The church finds itself in a position that it cannot fully extend itself to others as we would like  as we must adhere to social distancing, even within the sanctuary of the church where fellowship is now a wave but it does not mean that we should not show care and concern to all around us and hose who may not be in our circle. 
This pandemic they say comes every 100 years but whether it comes 100 wee ks, days or minutes its still  painful for those left behind, one life lost is one too many, as grief never, (NEVER) goes away.
Picture a man leaving his home for a routine visit to the hospital, walking thru his door from the beautiful home he has built and lived in for 50 years, not knowing he will never return, covid-19 took him from his family.
Picture a loving husband surprising his  wife with a new  car, 20 minutes later she dies by accident in it.
Pray for all  those who have lost, don’t make fun or treat lightly their grief, no matter the  cause, we are all in this together.

Hartley, Presiding Bishop, ACW


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