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29 Oct 2020

As the ACW celebrates its 24th year we are  grateful for the support given to us by members and friends around the world. Our goal set out in 1996 has not yet been fully realized but as youth  leaders come we are pleased  that the future which is being slowly laid in  their hands will  carry the mission forth. We ask your prayers as we join in celebration around the world in this triumphant moment.
Also next week, Americans will go to the polls to elect a new president or remain with the current. It is not for the ACW to render an opinion as to whom they elect, but to promote  the most important. VOTE.
In the past few years civility has been lost in American political life, everything is right or left, there seems to be no in-between and many issues of the constitution have been politically high-jacked; we are in hope that whomever wins the election will bring back that civility that America has so proudly shown for the past 200 years. 
Around the world, especially countries in Africa, Many African Americans talk of how much Africa means to them, but truly know nothing of Africa. In today’s Africa there is slavery, mass killings of their citizen, corruption  of despots that refuse to give up power, all of this goes unreported by the world press. In countries mentioned below there is civil war killing thousands daily in  Benin, Burkina-Faso, Cameroon, Central-African-Republic, Democratic Republic-Of-Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Libya, Mali, Niger, Somalia, South-Sudan, Uganda, over 40,000 die daily for and by  the actions of despots and warlords and none seems to care. But the ACW continues to pray for this continent. It is therefore important that America show leadership to this beleaguered continent.
The ACW wishes to thank our friends around the world for their support especially, Australia, our Caribbean nations New Zealand and the United Kingdom and North America.  Wherever you are join us in thanks for this 24th year. 

Hartley, Presiding Bishop


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