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1 Nov 2020

Thanks For The Memories 
Upon   the arrival of the internet the ACW since 2004 has been in communication to the world. As our motto subscribes “Reaching out to the world and beyond”, we have tried and the world has reached out to us.
During the years we have received emails or was in touch with 249 of the world 282  countries; plow is our outreach as we celebrate our 24 years. While there was some missteps, it has been a blessing and a joy that at the ACW on some level have touch lives.
Below is  our outreach
** Denotes countries that have been in touch more than 50 times     
AFRICA (43) 
Algeria  Angola  Benin Botswana Burkina-Faso  Burundi Cameroon Cape-Verde 
Comoros  **Democratic- Republic-Of-Congo  Djibouti  Egypt  
**Equatorial-Guinea Eritrea  Ethiopia  Gabon Gambia  **Ghana  Ivory-Coast   **Kenya  Lesotho **Liberia   Madagascar Malawi Morocco Mozambique   Namibia  Niger  **Nigeria  Rwanda  Senegal Seychelles Sierra-Leone  Somalia  **South-Africa  Sudan   **South-Sudan  Swaziland  **Tanzania  Togo **Uganda **Zambia  **Zimbabwe 
ASIA (36)
Afghanistan **Australia  Bahrain **Bangladesh   Myanmar Cambodia East-Timor **Fiji Kiribati  **India Indonesia Iraq  Israel Japan  South-Korea  Kuwait  Malaysia Nepal  **Pakistan **Philippines   Marshall-Islands   Micronesia   Nauru **New-Zealand Papua-New-Guinea Solomon-Islands  Tonga  Vanuatu 
**Saudi-Arabia  Singapore Sri-Lanka  Syria Thailand  Turkey Vietnam  Yemen 
EUROPE (36) 
Albania   Austria  Azerbaijan  Belarus  Belgium  Bosnia  Bulgaria  Croatia **Cyprus  Czech-Republic  Denmark   Estonia **Finland **France Georgia **Germany Greece Hungary Iceland  **Ireland Italy Liechtenstein Lithuania Macedonia **Malta  **Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal **Romania Slovenia **Spain Sweden **Switzerland **Ukraine **United-Kingdom 
N. AMERICA (21) 
Antigua  **Bahamas **Barbados  Belize **Canada  Costa-Rica **Dominica 
Dominican-Rep. El-Salvador  **Grenada **Guatemala **Haiti **Honduras **Jamaica **Mexico **Nicaragua **Panama **St.-Kitts  **St.-Lucia **St.-Vincent   **Trinidad **United-States 
S. AMERICA (12) 
Argentina  Bolivia  **Brazil  Chile **Colombia Ecuador **Guyana Paraguay 
Peru **Suriname Uruguay **Venezuela 
Dependencies. Around the world   
American (5)
American-Samoa  Guam   Northern-Mariana-Islands **Puerto-Rico  
Australia (1)
Christmas Island  
British  (1)
Anguilla  **Bermuda **British-Virgin-Islands  **Cayman-Islands 
**Falkland-Islands  **Gibraltar  Isle-of-Man  Montserrat  **Scotland  
St-Martin  Turks-Caicos-Islands 
**Greenland   (1)
French  (5)
French-Guiana **Guadeloupe Martinique  St-Martin  **St-Bartholomew    
 Netherlands (2)
**Aruba **Curacao   
We pray you God's blessings as we proudly say “Thanks for the memories” .

Hartley, Presiding AB


Reaching Out to the World and..... Beyond
Under the Protection of the Cross

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