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13 Nov 2020

There are stories not being told of what the pandemic brings to the church. It’s a lonely existence to pastors and those who faithfully depend on the church for a living. The recent  murder in Florida where Prophet Sylvester Ofori murdered his wife in the parking lot of the bank where she works is a tipping point. In Rhode-Island a policeman murdered his wife who was a pastor, then turned the gun on himself, the same in Michigan, Ohio and Texas.  Pastors are losing control. It's not a national story but it's happening. 
The ACW tries to keep in touch with our clergy as best as we can but the loneliness of lost  parish activity swell; we pray that this will not cause further pain.
As I troll thru my internet pages we see the demise of the church, especially the black-church. Since the pandemic began as we read 7 pastors have murdered their wives.  The case in Rhode-Island is most distressing where a policeman married to his wife who is a pastor killed her and then turned the gun on himself. While we do not encourage divorce, it would have been a better choice. When the relationship isn't working, move on. Murder or any act of violence is not the path of redemption. 
Then there are pastors whose sole income was the church; smartly some have stepped away to find other jobs to take care of their families, we laud them. We do not know when this nightmare will end. It has brought some 200,000 deaths  in the USA and over 1 million around the world. We can never forget. We continue to pray. We  ask all to WEAR A MASK. Do not  be misguided by the current political toxic behavior of those who will subject the people who support them to die as he spins rallies where it is reported some 300 people have died.
And so, be careful, check on each other; especially those who live alone and we await the passing of this unforgivable virus.

Hartley, Presiding Bishop ACW


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