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15 Nov 2020

I grew up in a political home where I saw  members of another political party verbally attack my dad and uncle; the next day they were sitting at a table having a drink together with smiles all around. Recently I was called “a Marxist rat”, by one whom I considered a friend, because my views on his president were not the same. Never mind that if he criticized his president, he would throw him under the bus or if he shot his wife, whom he dearly loves, on 5th avenue he might blame her for standing in front of the bullet.
I have dealt with politicians all my adult life and most we shared different political views, yet in the end we dined together. It is easy to get  out of shape  when having political discussions but we never throw away friendships. The current president of the USA has  shown his true colors to those around him; if you don’t agree with him you are a loser,  if you like him and disagree with him he will not only call you a loser but try to destroy you.  
In this time of covid-19, where we all need each other, we must not let political folly divide us. The USA has been divided  by the current toxic culture turning families against each other, we must not let that happen. Politicians go back to their comfortable lives, so should you. I did not pray for Biden to win or trump to lose. I prayed for the return of decency and democracy, then I left it in the hand of the American voters, they have spoken.
Hartley, Presiding Archbishop ACW


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