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21 Nov 2020

All over the world the church is in a dismal phase because of this ongoing pandemic. The ACW has once again closed its doors for safety concerns  until further notice.  Why I write today  is most troublesome that members of parishes in churches of all denominations are not  supporting  their  church financially when they  know in this troubled time its needed. We compliment the leaders in the church of England; the Anglican church in Australia & New Zealand asked its members not to forget their church financially.
So far, across the spectrum of denominations some 34 churches have closed.  Some losing because they cannot pay their  mortgages, many utilities have been turned off and pastors have lost their  income, as the church was their only full time support for their families.
So today I make this plea... 
I have many  friends and pastors across the denominations reaching out but no response. Please do not ignore them, no matter what church you belong call your pastor and ask how you can help because in the end when all is over the church  will be your anchor of faith. We must not allow the church to become a political football of politicians, whose only interest is around election time. 
So today be you Anglican , Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist or non-denominational  reach our to your church. You may not be able to give as before this pandemic came, but  remember your church. Archbishop Thomas Becket  in his lonely place in the stockyards of France after being driven out of England lamented “ O Lord sometime thy cross is so heavy to bear".
It  is, but you can make a difference!
Ever faithful,
Hartley, Presiding Bishop ACW


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