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Be Safe And Be Blest
25 Nov 2020

It's an unusual time when most of the things we love so dear are out of our reach and even love ones around the corner are far away.
First, the ACW regrets to announce the death of Mr. David Colston who went home to rest Monday, November 23. While he was not a member of  the ACW his family is and we shared many moments with him. He was 64. May he rest in God’s peace. 
As we celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving many words have already been expressed but with covid-19 infections and death on the rise we invite you listen to our health officials. 
Here we give you the 3 W’s of safety: 
1. Wash your hands 
2. Watch your distance
3. Wear  a mask. 
The ACW wishes all a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.
The Family of the ACW
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