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1 Jan 2021

Eliza Edmunds Hewitt learned at age 18 she would be crippled physically; she would never enjoy life as we know and then in a  chance encounter she met Fanny J. Crosby which inspired her to write many hymns. 
In this hymn of dedication she makes it clear she would not be defeated and committed herself to the one she knows would never let her down thus she pledge to learn “More About Jesus”. 
As we move into 2021 with many doors closed to us, I invite you as she did to spend some time learning about the unquestionable love of Jesus. 
Hear her refrain... 
“More about Jesus would I know, more of his grace to others show 
More of his saving fullness see, More of his love who died for me” 
More about Jesus let me learn, more of his holy will discern
Spirit of God my teacher be, Showing the things of Christ to me 
More about Jesus in his word, Holding communion with my Lord 
Hearing his voice in every line, making each faithful saying mine 
Her words inspire thought and vision, do not let COVID defeat you,  or be hindered in your life by the political climate of the day. And even though the church doors are closed, like Eliza spend some time learning more about our Lord. 
This year copied from another  source  the ACW wishes you 
12 months of happiness 
52 weeks of fun and laughter
365 days of success 
8, 760 hours of good health 
525, 600 minutes of blessings 
31, 536. 000 seconds  of joy 
As we hear Elisa one last time... 
More about Jesus on his throne, Riches in glory all his own 
More of his kingdom more increase, More of his coming prince of peace 
A great year to all.
Ever Faithful 
Hartley, PB/ACW 


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