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20 Jan 2021

He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind., and the foolish shall be servant to the wise at heart.    Proverbs 11.29.  
Tomorrow (today) the USA will see its 46th president take office. He comes in a time of turbulence brought on by the folly of his predecessor. Whatever you think of him you must put him in your past and move to a new hope for the future. 
The wisdom of Solomon reminds us that if you  destroy your own house there is nothing you do will  count, thus, as we move forward we pray God's hand and guidance of the new President. We must not hold anger on the old but welcome the new that he will be given wisdom to lead us the next 4 years.
Although courtesy of attaining the office was not extended to him and even if he was not your choice, give him to God that he may lead this nation.  Let us pray for our new President.
Almighty God we give you thanks for this nation, we give thanks for all it has given us. We are saddened by the lost of lives thru this pandemic, we remember them and their families, for the patience given amongst all threats and division sowed. Guide O Lord we pray for the  new President, embolden him to not only be a servant of the people but a servant of thy will. Surround him with those who will help him lead that their service will be one of countenance and light. 
We deliver this nation to you,  and ask you  to set your hand upon President Joe Biden.   Amen
Family of the ACW 


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