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25 Jan 2021

Over the years of the ACW  many have come thru our doors and many have left. A  recent member in the Caribbean who left wrote to ask if the WELCOME-MAT is open, he would like to return, we replied... 
Why did we say!! 
There is no need for the WELCOME-MAT.  If you ever were with us, no matter how long, you are home  in the ACW, it is your spiritual-resting-place. Whatever reason you left is personal and you must work that out because in the service of God's-love there is room for all….ALL.
Why do we feel this way? 
There are many-groups who call themselves Anglicans, but they spring-up and-fade-away, they promote beautiful websites and faces from all  over who never 
  • Subscribe  to the faith 
  • No active  ministry
If they truly did, they would have found the Anglican-faith a strong, spiritual-home  over 1000-years-old, a steady-ship in troubled waters, such as the present pandemic.   
We  are reminded of this by the words of Ms-Eliza-Edmunds (1869)  “My faith has found a resting place”.
In the acceptance of Christ in your life many places of worship are abound, you must find  a  place where you are most spiritually happy, here we encounter the words of Ms Edmunds: 
My faith has found a resting place, 
Not in device or creed, 
I trust the ever-living one, 
His wounds for me shall plead. 
You must ask yourself if you find comfort in your faith, and presence of God embracing your life , a place where you can find a spiritual resting place, Ms-Edmunds again suggests a way  
Enough for me that Jesus saves, 
This ends my fear and doubts, 
A sinful soul I come to him, 
He’ll never cast me out. 
Beloved as-we-try-to  co-exist with the pandemic we ask you to find comfort-in-your-faith, Hear Ms-Edmunds  one last time in chorus:  
I need no other argument, 
I need no other plea, 
It is enough that Jesus died, 
And that he died for me. 
Ever faithful,
Hartley. Presiding Bishop ACW 
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